Hypercondriac Symptoms

Hypercondriac is a condition which is caused by anxiety. Hypercondriac symptoms occur in various parts of body and some of them are: a person tends to feel burning sensations throughout the entire body. One also experiences electric shock feelings, loss of energy, chronic fatigue, fluctuations in your sex drive, your muscles twitch and are weak, one also becomes hyper active and has sores onthe back of the neck. One develops a weak bladder and has the urgency to urinate at all times. The temperature of your body fluctuates and you many experience extreme hotness or coldness for no apparent reason. One gets discomforts in the chest and have difficulties while breathing, your heart can also beat irregularly and you constantly yawn in order to try and catch some breath.

A person goes through a rollercoaster of emotions where you have very dramatic mood swings and your emotions just go wrong. You can be very happy at one moment and the next you are crying for no reason at all. One also develops a strong sense of fear where all the time you are always frightened by all issues that affect your life. You have fears of people’s opinions about you, being trapped in places with no exits, you have constant fears of getting involved in accidents and death. You fear trying to do anything because you’re afraid of making mistakes afraid of the outcome and embarrassing situations. To feel secure you need to look for the nearest washrooms whenever you are in a place because they make you feel kind of safe, with these conditions you fear exits and do not seat near them.


For your head you experience severe headaches which can last for hours, you can also get a stiff neck and head with shooting pains across your face and the scalp of your head. You also get sore jaws which lead to tooth aches and if you close your eyes you feel as though you are floating towards the sky. One may also develop temporary or permanent deafness. You hear ringing voices and low rumbling sounds. The condition also messes up your mind as you have impending feelings of unreality and you are constantly overwhelmed with non existing issues and you feel as though you are carrying the world’s problems on your back. You frequently feel as though you are under pressure to do things and are in depression. One also becomes quickly angered and has no patience.


A person also looses their appetite and has difficulties when swallowing anything including liquids. One has stomach upsets all the time and become nauseous every time you think or lay your eyes on food. One also has difficulties in sleeping where you suffer from insomnia and wake up abruptly during the night with panic attacks. You have crazy dreams which leave you feeling worse in the morning. In your whole body you experience the pins and needles feeling and you are constantly in pain. Your eyes become watery and they twitch for no reason. You also have distorted and spots in your vision.