What is Hypercondriac?

Hypercondriac is a condition that affects the mind where a person thinks they are ill yet in real sense they are not. The person who is always under the impression that they are ill and constantly get the fear of getting falling sick. Some of the causes of hypercondriac are the underlying disease or illness. For example a person who has chronic illness like cancer, diabetes or HIV/AIDS can develop this anxiety of thinking that they are sick even when they are not. Another cause can be an irritating thought that can dominate the mind about the fear of uncertainty or of the unknown. For example if you have had someone who had the symptoms that are similar to yours and they were diagnosed with certain diseases that scare you then you can begin to feel sick.

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Hypercondriac is caused by anxiety that can affect your physical and mental signs such as headaches and fear of death because of the illness. You can develop chronic fatigue or tiredness of the whole body, you fail to relax and feel like you can faint, numbness on the feet, face, head and other parts of the body. You can also develop muscle tension, uncontrollable sweating, shaking or trembling, frequent need to urinate and chest pains and change in the heart beat that affect your breath. Your heat beats faster and you experience palpitations or your heart may skip beats. Some of the other symptoms can be mood swings that make you feel wrong and cry for no reasons. You can develop fears of how people think of you, feel trapped in a non-existent world, fear the public and fear of the unknown. Some of these fears can not be defined like the fear of impending doom and fear of going crazy. Headaches can range from pains on the face, scalp of the head, stiff head, sharp pains in the head and migraines. The ears can also be affected since you get the rumbling sounds and experience deafness in one or both ears. These symptoms can advance to others like stomachaches and diarrhea, dry mouth, loss of appetite, lump in the throat and vomiting. Your vision may be affected by having blurred vision, dry eyes, sensitivity to light and distorted eyesight

There is no cure or treatment for hypercondriac. The drugs can help in dealing with the situation but not overcoming it. The best way to deal with hypercondriac is by seeking the neurolinguistic programming which is a method that therapists use to talk you out of your obsessive thoughts and help you focus on the positive things in life. This helps you not to reach the advance stages of this disorder that cab be going insane or physically hurting yourself or those around you. This condition happens because of the attachment you have to the idea of becoming sick and the best way is to redirect your thought away from those thoughts by the help of a therapists. This helps you to gain confidence, become happier with your life and overcome the fear, anger, guilt and anxiety. The real help begins in your mind.

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